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Welcome to the home of Lucky Shot Gaming (LSG). We are Europes #1 Clan

Maybe you want to join a community where you can hang out on Teamspeak and have a good time, make some lifelong friends, and take over the world (figuratively speaking, of course). Maybe you want a community that's flexible while still being rewarding. Maybe you just want somewhere to call home. One way or another, LSG is the clan for you! 

Feel Free to look around and see what we have to offer.

Overwatch and Rainbow Six Sections are currently under maintenance. For now join the teamspeak and say hello and we can process your application later.

No Nonsense Clan, with a lot of active members. No Drama or Conflicts
 Teamspeak and Dedicated backup Server. No Server Downtime or Connection Issues
 Nitrado Clan Server - open To any game Frequent Clan Matches / Scrims
 Official Battlefield 1 Server Competative Games
 Ranking System - With unlocks Weekly Events and Meetings
 Officer School - For those that want to lead Laughter Guaranteed
 Youtube channels and Partnership Strong Leadership and Direction

Register on the forums and fill out an application to get access to member only sections of the site and forums where we post events, announcements, and all the other good stuff that makes LSG the best community in Europe. We hope to see you soon!

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[LTG] RamboOoo Everyone is a potato!
[MSG] sYnczDon't like the layout of our website? Now we have a solution: everyone can now drag elements around to their preference.
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[SGM] OnlyNeedJuan tag  Like how I can drag this text around the screen like a madman? Oh boi
[CPL] Burki   created a new thread Happy Birthday in the Public Chat forum
[SGM] OnlyNeedJuan tag  created a new thread Vidya made by juan. Is best. in the Media Office Theater forum
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