Quite a bit less interesting, seeing as most of the numbers end up being the same.



BAR is awesome for 1v1s, but with its low mag-size, it's not nearly as reliable against groups of enemies as pretty much any other LMG.

Chauchat is a bit mediocre, but has more kills per mag vs the BAR, and gets a bipod on every variant. In practice I haven't found it to be a 1-second kill at range, like I said, there could be an error here, even if recoil decrease was taken into account here, the parabellum kills in 1 second with single shot bursts at 50m, so something doesn't seem quite right here, we shall see if it gets updated.

MG-15 also seems a bit underwhelming. Low weight is not that useful compared to the storm in this instance, as you'll want to use this gun on the bipod.

Huot Optical is a joke.

Madsen is rad, trades speed in 1v1s for a larger mag size.

M1917, the low weight can be somewhat useful off the bipod, but in generall, FIRE THIS THING ON BIPOD IDIOT

Slower firing weapons are rad for 30-50m (past that even more so), optical and storm variants are generally the best off-bipod, especially in longer bursts (Low Weight still performs better in shorter bursts, though I question how effective those are, but they do get bipods, despite seeing the least benefits from them).

Rest of it, well, lot of same-ish numbers, and this is only useful for 1v1 situations. Not as useful as the SMG chart, but interesting nonetheless.

EDIT: Values were fixed, Chauchat is actually butt-clenching good even at longer ranges. Fun thing to take from this. The faster RPM LMGs are really, really good at single-tap shots at range, if you let spread reset completely. New meta boys (really though, use a bipod at that point).